Twin Forks is full-service marketing and communications liaison representing only a handful of clients, with professionalism, integrity and authenticity, in New York's Albany/Saratoga Region and the Hamptons of Long Island.

Twin Forks is led by PR/marketing expert Darren Johnson (bio), who has had success with all levels of communications, including having led the media relations effort at Southampton College/Stony Brook Southampton, with publicity that heralded celebrity professors, helped sell out large fundraising concerts that included top international rock 'n' roll acts, and resulted in major placements in New York City-based and national media outlets.

For the past five years, Darren has also worked in the Capital Region market, where he has led major media "buys" from script and storyboard to tens of thousands of paid placements on TV, radio, print and the Internet. He ensures quality production and storytelling that best represents clients. He is also well trained in and has led crisis-communications efforts.

Twin Forks' mission is to work closely with just a handful of clients -- very well. Quality is our goal.

We won't lie to you by pitching services we can't do. We won't bait-and-switch your account representative once a contract is signed. We won't outsource, subcontract or have conflicts of interest.

In short, we are not the other "firms."

For a free consultation, contact Darren at 518-879-0965 or